Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Big Swamper ATV Tires

Super Swamper TSL / ATV, the ATV tire designed with absolute performance in mind. The combination of hot performance in muddy conditions, making excellent grip on packed terrain and a smooth ride, as well. Side thrust Super Swamper TSL / ATV tire is lowered to the ground, pushed aside, the chances of rollover in tight turns off. This band, a whole new world for fans of ATV. 4-ply rating
Description: 22x12.5x10 Super Swamper TSL / ATV Tire. One of the best around ATV tires on the market. Classic tread design ensures a good job in the mud and difficult terrain. Far apart are excellent tips for the self-cleaning ability. Super Swamper ATV tires is excellent for a great price. We have 25 different sizes available in this bus.
Catalog Number: A404
Size: 22x12.5x10

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